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Guava Cake


Hybrid - Potency 8 - Guava Cake is a hybrid THCa strain believed to be made through a special cross of Wedding Cake. This strain is more calming than energizing. The effects of Guava Cake will make you feel tingly, aroused, and giggly. Some users report this strain may give you dry mouth, so try to enjoy Guava Cake with a glass of water. Some consumers look for this strain when experiencing mild symptoms associated with depression, stress, and fatigue. Guava Cake has a tropical flavor profile with sweet notes of pear and tree fruit. The THCa content in Guava Cake varies from 28% to 30%, making this strain a good choice for experienced THCa consumers. The original breeder of this strain is unknown. The dominant terpene in Guava Cake is believed to be caryophyllene.

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