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Guava Bomba


Sativa – Potency 9 - Guava Bomba is a cross between Grandi Guava and La Bomba and is part of the La Bomba seeds collection by Compound Genetics.  Grandi Guava is a variety from California that combines a creamy, citric, and gassy flavors inherited from Guava and Gelato. On the other hand, La Bomba (Wedding Cake x Jet Fuel Gelato) includes genetics of Compound Genetics' most sought after plants, Jet Fuel Gelato. One of the main characteristics of Guava Bomba is the truly exotic, terpenes profile, with sweet papaya, cream, and gassy aromas. Certainly, a variety of flavorful smoke that one can also enjoy using a vaporizer.  Guava Bomba effects are powerful and last for a long while due to the high THCa level. The high is cheerful and motivating, progressing to a total relaxation between body and mind.

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